Skill-Based Consultation/Training

Too often professional training emphasizes the aquisition of knowledge rather than teaching the skills we can use.  This is a bit like trying to improve your performance in a sport by viewing PowerPoint slides.  Almost two decades training psychologists, LCSW's, psychiatrists and primary care providers in APA and AAAHC - accredited clinics allows me to bring energizing, interactive and useful continuing education seminars to you. 


Motivational interviewing for primary care

People often have difficulty partnering with their provider to change health behavior.  It can feel like you have two patients, one that wants to be healthy and one that doesn't.  Fortunately, strategic conversation using motivational interviewing is an efficient and evidenced-based practice shown to improve behavioral outcomes.  Providers will improve the following skills:

  • Ability to recognize the "righting reflex" in themselves and substitute more productive means of intervention.
  • Differentiate "change talk" from "sustain talk" during common primary care interactions.
  • Elicit change talk, a statistical determinant of health behavior change.

Cultural competence for primary care

Shared belief systems and culturally normative behavioral patterns determine presentation and treatment compliance of patients with psychological disorders. 

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