Psychodynamic Therapy:  A Scientifically-Supported Approach

The overarching goal of psychodynamic therapy is to reduce suffering and increase life satisfaction through a better understanding of why certain feelings, thoughts and behaviors recur. 

The essence of this therapy is exploration of those aspects of Self that are not fully know especially as they're manifest and potentially influenced in the therapy relationship or, for couples in treatment, with your primary romantic partner.  These include: Recurrent fears, desires, habits of thought, patterns of behavior, characteristic ways to avoid difficult emotion, means to maintain self-esteem and ways of relating to others.

What to Expect In Session

  • A focus on feelings and expression of emotion.
  • Exploration of attempts to avoid distressing thoughts and feelings.
  • Identification of recurring patterns of thought, feeling, self-concept, relationship and life experience.
  • Discussion of past experience especially with early caregivers and siblings.
  • Focus on your interpersonal relationships.
  • Focus on the therapy relationship as a way to understand old and practice new interpersonal behaviors.
  • Exploration of fantasy life including desires, fears, fantasies, dreams and daydreams.