Couples - Podcast & Video

A bold and unadulterated exploration of all aspects of love and partnership.

We pull back the curtain of politeness, and look beyond the laundered, sunshine and butterflies version of love. We explore the dirty and profane, the sacred and the beautiful, the ugly, mixed up, gloriously real kind of love. With each couples’ story we see from a new perspective, we gain a fresh outlook on what it is to be human and in love.

devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture.

A place to step back and think intelligently about central emotional concerns. You will never be cornered by dogma, but we will direct you towards a variety of ideas from the humanities - from philosophy to literature, psychology to the visual arts – ideas that will exercise, stimulate and expand your mind.

David Schnarch, Ph.D.- co-director of the Marriage & Family Health Center, clinical psychologist, world-renown sex and marital therapist, and international best-selling author.

  1. "Emotional Commitment and Great Sex " on Soundstrue "Insights On The Edge" with host Tami Simon.
  2. Interview with Dr. David Schnarch, recorded on KERA (National Public Radio)
  3. Intimacy & Desire on "Naked Talk Radio" with talented host Elaina McMillan (WKRP)