Ross Artwohl, LICSW, PLLC


Welcome to My Practice

When you feel comfortable with your therapist and hopeful about the therapy it's more likely to produce the results you want.  At your pace we'll make the changes needed to restore flexibility and resolve emotional pain.  My experience as a therapist and clinical supervisor extends almost two decades.  This helps me guide therapy toward the deeper and more lasting gains that you deserve.  I've also received formal training in a variety of approaches for many years post-graduate school.  This allows me to customize therapy to your needs and preferences. I look forward to talking with you!



My approach is rooted in psychodynamic principles as this therapy has been demonstrated effective for a range of difficulties.  The overarching goal of this therapy is to reduce suffering and increase life satisfaction through a better understanding of why certain feelings, thoughts and behaviors recur. 


Intimate relationship is a natural system that invites us to grow.  The painful struggles that bring couples to therapy mean it's healthy and working properly.  I support partners understand what the system is asking of them and renew inspiration for deeper intimacy.


Beliefs are a primary determinant of health behavior.  I assist primary care providers increase their effectiveness in helping patients modify these beliefs. 

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11 Intriguiging Reaons to GIve Talk Therapy a Try

11 Intriguiging Reaons to GIve Talk Therapy a Try