Insurance Accepted

I'm an in-network provider with First Choice Health, Premera Blue Cross, Tricare West, Optum United Behavioral Health, Regence and US Family Health Plan.  This means I can bill your insurance directly.  If you have a different plan it will likely pay for my services as well (see detail below on seeing me as an out-of-network provider).

Out-of-Network Provider

Most insurance companies cover my services.  If I don't contract with your insurance they will still likely reimburse you for a portion of my fee.  Because each plan is different, it is important to contact your plan carrier regarding your specific coverage.  



Ask Your Insurance

Before proceeding call the number on your insurance card and get the following answers regarding your plan:

  1. How much is your deductible?
  2. What is the reimbursement rate for an "out-of-network" behavioral health provider.
  3. What is the "maximum allowable amount " for a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Olympia, Washington to charge according to your plan?
  4. Multiply the reimbursement rate by the maximum allowable amount.  This is what you'll be reimbursed per session.

How Payment Works for an Out-Of-Network Provider

  1. Pay your bill out-of-pocket the day of your appointment (cash, check, debit or charge). 
  2. Submit the monthly receipt to your insurance.
  3. Get reimbursed for a portion of what you paid.

...Or use an app called "better" to get reimbursed

  1. Use "better" to take a photo of the receipt and submit your claim.
  2. Get paid for your claim after it's been processed!*

*  Better charges 10% of the money you get paid back. If your claim is not covered by your insurance or is applied to your deductible, Better is free to use.